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30-November-2023, 4 How SAS Advanced Analytics and AI are Modernizing Mining
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The mining industry is on the cusp of a modernization driven by data and technology. While mines have always generated vast amounts of operational data, new analytics capabilities allow companies to translate this into meaningful insights impacting safety, sustainability, efficiency and profitability.

One stellar example is how CSM Tech implemented SAS advanced analytics and machine learning for the Department of Steel and Mines Government of Odisha in India. The department oversees the extensive mining activity in the state through an integrated management system called i3MS spanning licensing, payments, transportation and more.

With over 500 million records accumulated, i3MS contained a wealth of data. However, limitations in analyzing this meant lost opportunities to address crucial issues like revenue leakage, unethical practices, or predictive planning. CSM Tech bridged this gap by developing AI-powered analytical solutions atop the SAS platform.

The Machine Learning models now predict production, dispatch and revenue for mines at over 90% accuracy. This enables data-driven target setting aligned to ground realities. Additionally, outlier detection identifies suspicious transactions indicating illegal operations, while network analysis tracks links between different entities.

The entire analytics suite delivers a comprehensive view of the mining ecosystem that was previously impossible. Authorities can now calculate revenue losses, find root causes of abnormalities, optimize logistics and resources as well as regulate activities effectively.

The outcomes within just the first few years have been remarkable:

  • Royalty collections have almost doubled from 2021 to 2023, increasing by over 300% since 2020
  • Production, dispatch and revenue forecasts help streamline processes
  • Fraud detection has reduced revenue leakage significantly

CSM Tech leveraged the latest technology, but the true engine driving impact was the data already available in i3MS. This highlights the possibilities from harnessing operational data through analytics even in traditional industries like mining. The Odisha mines example will inspire others globally to emulate similar success.

Rather than being seen as dirty, dangerous and declining, the mining sector will transform into a technologically advanced industry underpinned by intelligence extracted from its own data. CSM Tech has lit the first spark towards this data-driven revolution in mining.

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