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06-January-2022, 4 Mintes Read Seamless Digital Interface For Pit-To-Port Optimization
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Digital Logistics Mining Total Experience

When we think of mining, our mind not just flashes images of rugged terrain, the sight of trundling heavy vehicles or swirling dust. Mining today has got more to do with data. Since mining generates considerable data, it needs the adoption of digital technologies to mine the data right for smart business outcomes. Historically, mining has been grappling with external headwinds like volatile commodity prices. Now, a raging pandemic has stepped up the challenge for the global mining industry. Miners need to turn leaner and get more innovative to stay competitive. Which is why onboarding digital technologies has become a have to have for the mining ecosystem.

The Digital Mining Market: What’s Driving It?

The market size for digital mining estimated at $11.69 billion in 2020 is expected to reach $32.42 billion by 2028, meaning a CAGR of 13.5 per cent (Source: Reports and Data). The two key factors fueling the digital mining market are the surging requirement of real-time analysis and the broader adoption of automation platforms in mining. Cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are central to the future of a fully connected mine. Digital technologies help achieve IT-OT convergence. The worry here is the implementation of digital technologies in-silos across the mine value chain. We can bury the worry with a unified digital interface, tracking the ore trail from pit-to-port.

IntegratORE- The One-Stop Digital Disruptor

The mining ecosystem can draw the most out of digital technologies with a holistic digital architecture. A digital-first solution that provides vertical integration from the field to the enterprise management level and horizontal integration from ore administration to operations. IntegratORE, designed by CSM Technologies, fulfils this mandate. It’s a one-stop, seamless digital window where you can discover the complete suite of automated mining solutions. IntegratORE is designed to assuage the pain of every stakeholder across the mining value chain- leaseholders, government authorities, traders, transporters, bankers, end-use industries etc. It is also positioned as the country’s first super app for mining, packing in all features for an enhanced Total Experience (TX).

IntegatORE Mining Suite

IntegratORE serves as the digital aggregator of a comprehensive suite of digital mining solutions across the below verticals, catering to captive miners, enterprise miners, state administration and regulatory authorities.

Regulatory & Revenue Management

This module is an exhaustive bucket of solutions in Audit & Compliance, Mineral Seizure & Enforcement, Revenue Assessment & Reconciliation, Permit Management System, Drone-based Regulatory & Inspection Suite. Ore Accounting & Returns Management, e-Transit Pass Management and Mineral Concession Application System.

Logistics Management

This comprises In-mine Logistics & Process Automation System, Stack Management, Production Monitoring, Weighment automation, Transporter Management System and Entry/Exit and Parking Management.

Network and Security

It consists of components like ITIL-based help desk, IT infrastructure Management services, Wireless broadband network set-up for last-mile connectivity and CCTV surveillance and access control.

Reporting and Analytics Systems

This is made up by Advanced Data Analytics and Dashboards & Reporting.

USPs of IntegratORE

  • Customizable and easy-to-configure solutions around Total Experience (TX) for users
  • Easy API access for ensuring truly connected solutions
  • Cloud-friendly flexible hosting and implementation
  • Analytics and dashboards for data access and real-time visibility,
  • Best of IoT and Emerging Tech offerings embedded into the solutions
  • Plug and play modules for custom needs and services
  • Handholding and hypercare support for seamless commissioning

IntegratORE promises to be the best bet for mining, a sector beset with dynamic challenges. Be it the challenge to grow, evolve, experiment or innovate, this digital platform lets your plans challenge the possible.

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Upasana Mohapatra
Upasana Mohapatra

Technical Consultant