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Logistics processes are the backbone of any profitable mining enterprise and constitute one of the key areas of optimization. Miners face considerable challenge to manage logistics as mines are usually located in the remote hinterland. And, since logistics in mines uses multi-modal transport systems- railway rakes, containers, trawlers etc., mining companies need to have end-to-end visibility to ensure that the extracted ore reaches the consumption point in time and avoid the risk of theft in transit.

Automating the right tasks under logistics can overcome the challenges faced by miners through efficient optimization of the entire supply chain. With a sense of urgency and precision at the heart of this module, the solution caters to the most challenging logistics problems including but not limited to dealing with pilferage, untraceable material movement and porous/opaque movement of mineral carrying vehicles plying within the mining premises.

Working hand-in-hand with the modules such as autonomous weighbridges operation, e-Transit pass, Invoice & e-waybill generation process and ERP, the best in class value proposition is guaranteed for any modern day mining enterprise.



Features and USP

How it Works
How it Works
<p>Easy monitoring of underground assets and mining equipment with the use of Real Time Location System and Location Based Services.</p>
<p>Flexible timing and scheduling of trips, thus eliminating the need of manual assignments.</p>
How it Works
How it Works

Common Use Cases