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Globally, the mining industry is facing increasing public and regulatory scrutiny. Violation of environmental laws threatens to interrupt mining operations and cause liabilities with a potential dent on the bottom line. For miners trying hard to improve their reputation by building trust with communities and ensuring regulatory compliance, getting to the core of environmental issues is no longer a choice, but a must-have strategy. Driven long by manual processes, today's future-ready mines need actionable insights from 'real-time' data to manage the environment in their vicinity and ensure full compliance with a dynamic regulatory environment. Our EHS (Environment, Health & Safety) management and compliance solution is an end-to-end, configurable system enabling environmental data management and staving off business risks.

About our Solution

We have a full-stack enterprise solution to meet the maze of regulatory approvals like environment clearance, forestry clearance, Consent to Operate, Consent to Establish, and Mining Plan. The system generates auto alerts helping the mine leaseholders to comply with statutory approvals on time. The solution is also a repository of critical environment-related data for compliance reporting.


Our solution has customizable modules that cater to every stage or process of ESH management and environmental compliance reporting by mine lessees. 

  • Regulatory Approval Module: For monitoring conditions listed for grant of environment and forest clearance.
  •  Land Use Module: To check current land use for ensuring it conforms with the approved mining plan, environment clearance, and forest clearance. 
  • Environmental Performance Module: To collate, analyze & report the performance of the project concerning water, soil, air, sediment, environment, etc.
  • Production module to keep track of production V/s Permissions. 
  • Strategic Planning module provides system-generated alerts and allows the user to plan and mitigate environment-related risk if any.
  • Audit Management: Manages all audit-related records and documents to simplify record-keeping, task workflow, and approvals while comprehensive audit logs
  • Inspection Management: Raises efficiency and productivity and improves cost-effectiveness by consolidating systems used to track inspections, automating expensive manual processes, and conducting reviews with fewer resources


Features and USP

How it Works
How it Works